Join us for the Long Haul…

By: Amber Jekot, Food Planning Task Force Organizer

The final editing for our strategic plan is complete – This is so exciting!  So much valuable information and hard work is represented in this document, and now are able to share the gift of our hard work to other service organizations and individuals in Waco.  The voices of those we serve and of the work groups’ participants are intertwining to put our collective dream for ending hunger in Waco on paper.  I wanted to take this opportunity to again thank each of you for the conversations you have and share with your clients, for the compiling of information, for the time you have given this coalition, and for your investment in the Waco community. The Food Planning Task Force’s partnerships with the Hunger Coalition and Texas Hunger Initiative have proven to be assets in this process as well.  The strategic plan will be posted on the Task Force blog.  Bound copies will also be made for the Hunger Coalition and other organizations/community members who want to partner with us in the implementation phase.

But our work isn’t done and we need your help!  Join us this afternoon at the Texas Ranger Hall of Fame as we discuss next steps.  We will be discussing how to incorporate both the community’s voice collected through our community input boards as well as our work group strategies to begin addressing the needs of our community’s food insecure population.  We invite you to come share your opinions and join us in putting our strategic plan and strategies into action.  Your voice is important.

Collective Image

We are here for the long haul and we hope that you are too.  The Beehive Collective, a collective who utilizes collaborative artwork to energize grassroots movements, created the art piece above to be used as an educational and organizing tool.  The picture’s depiction of such a diverse crowd of “community members” represents our hope for the Food Planning Task Force, where the voice and songs of all members are taken into account. Like the art piece illustrates, there is always another seat available at our table.

We look forward to seeing you at 2:00 pm at the Texas Ranger Museum.



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