About the FPTF

Our vision remains– that by 2015, all people in McLennan County will have sustained access to 3 nutritious meals a day, 7 days a week.

Who We Were:

The Food Planning Task Force of McLennan County (FPTF) was a diverse group of organizations, businesses, and individuals who came together to create a Strategic Plan to end hunger in McLennan County.

The FPTF was a partner with the Texas Hunger Initiative (THI), an organization that works to develop and implement strategies around the state and networking with organizations to address the issue of hunger on a state-wide level. More about THI can be found by visiting their website at www.texashunger.org.

What We Did:

The Food Planning Task Force’s goal remains for McLennan County to achieve food security—a food security we’ve defined as everyone having sustained access to nutritious food, 3 meals a day, 7 days a week. The FPTF mobilized work groups that created Strategies that will help our community achieve such an ambitious goal.
Strategies are critical because they help us move from problem to vision, from suggestion to implementation.

The Local Food Economy Work Group developed strategies to increase access for people to participate in local food systems and to increase and enhance opportunities for entrepreneurship of local growers and food providers.

The Emergency and Supplemental Food Work Group developed strategies to increase the efficiency of supplemental and emergency food systems, to reduce duplication of services, and assist clients in moving towards more sustainable solutions for adequate non-emergency food.

The Federal Assistance Programs Work Group developed strategies to increase participation of eligible people in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), and other programs that promote nutrition and economic growth.

The Seniors and Disabled Work Group developed strategies that will increase the nutrition of seniors and the disabled countywide.

Our Children’s Nutrition Work Group developed strategies to increase children’s access to nutritious food during and after school by increasing participation in nutrition programs such as National School Breakfast and Lunch, the Summer Food Service Program, and other nutrition programs and by improving nutrition education in and out of school.

As part of the Children’s Nutrition Group’s efforts, during summers the Food Planning Task Force teamed up with Waco ISD, La Vega ISD, Connally ISD, the McLennan County Hunger Coalition, community organizations, and local congregations to help increase children’s participation in the Summer Meals program.

Throughout the course of the summer, our team distributed thousands of flyers, led numerous block walks,  and hosted resource tables at community events to spread the word about this important program. With the help of the community and our partners, Waco ISD served more than 100,000 summer meals for Summer 2012.

We may not end hunger tomorrow, but together—equipped with effective strategies—we  hope to accomplish that ambitious goal sooner than later.

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